Traditional Flavoring Ingredients of Mexican Cuisine

Traditional Flavoring Ingredients of Mexican Cuisine

The thought of Burritos, tacos, nachos and guacamole and any of the Mexican food is simply mouth watering. We have never come across a sane person who would say no to a taco or nachos with salsa and lemon by the side

So, what’s the deal about these minimalistic Mexican dishes that draw the entire world towards their cuisine? Their basic food like cooked beans and rice taste like heaven by themselves, without the addiction of spices.

Mexican Cuisine

The flavoring ingredients are the key to their culinary success. Anything ranging from a few herbs to leaves and stems, works wonder in their dishes. In this article, let’s find out more about the flavoring ingredients used in the Mexican cuisines, that imparts those divine flavors.

Garlic and Onion

Recipes like the taco seasoning, Spanish rice are some of the dishes where garlic has the upper hand. This does not mean they’re overpowering the other ingredients in the dish. They add a hint of garlic just to smother those fragrance on your palate.

Onions are another must-have in the Mexican dishes. Either fresh, raw onion or powered onion, in conjunction with the garlic cloves or powder works wonders.


Cumin is being used in cooking and other medicinal sectors for centuries in the name of Ayurveda. Despite providing medicinal properties and essential vitamins like zinc, they add a Smokey and earthy flavor to all Mexican dishes.

 Mexican Oregano

Mexican oregano is not just your typical oregano that you add to your pizza or pasta, they called Origanum Vulgare which are of the Mediterranean origin. They compliment the best when they’re seasoned on tomatoes with cheese. Another recipe for your Saturday night or a potential hangover food.


You cannot spot a Mexican dish without garnishing it with a cilantro. Salsa and guacamole are some of the most prominent foods that load on cilantro or coriander.

Red Chilly powder

Most part of the world uses black pepper to add the spice to the dish. However, Mexican cuisines use both black pepper and the red-hot chili powder to add to the hint of smokiness and a spicy flavor.


Cloves work the best for desserts. They contain a warm aroma with a hot and sweet and smokey flavor that works the best for desserts.


It is one of the lesser known Mexican seasonings that are majorly used to favor beans. Now you know why your regular home-made beans tastes so bland and why the Mexican restaurant beans tastes like heaven on earth.


It is famous for its rich and warm flavors that are not only used for desserts, but also for a whole course chicken dinner, etc. For example, a small amount of cocoa and peanut butter is sued to make a thick, dark colored mole that is used as a sauce over chicken.

 Cinnamon and anise

 Cinnamon and anise

These two ingredients or spices also consist of the unique spicy favors, which when added to cakes and pastries add a great deal of flavor.

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