Edamame soy beans steamed and lightly salted                     7

Potstickers six pieces of Asian dumplings stuffed with chicken and veggies, fried and served w/ house sauce       7

Egg Rolls 4 pieces of egg rolls stuffed with meat and

veggies deep fried and served with sweet chili sauce 7

Miso soup    3

Seaweed Salad   8

Calamari tempura battered octopus pieces lightly fried and served with dipping sauce 10

Soft Shell Crab deep fried & served on a bed of greens   9

Sunomono Salad cucumbers lightly marinated in a        7

house made sweet vinegar

*Oysters on the half shell, citrus granite, lemon      7/15/28

Dates: bacon, bleu cheese, cider gastrique                          9

Tori Karaage tender bite sized teriyaki chicken rolled    9

in tempura batter and fried.  Served with sweet chili sauce

*Stuffed Jalapenos four pieces of jalapenos stuffed          10

with spicy tuna and cream cheese, deep fried

Seoul Mussels 5 pieces of our signature mussels baked  11

in a spicy aioli topped with tobiko and green onions




Chicken Bento Box teriyaki chicken, potstickers,

3 piece California roll, salad and rice                                        14

Beef Bento Box teriyaki beef, potstickers, 3 piece

California roll, salad and rice                                               14

Tofu Bento fried teriyaki tofu, edamame, vegetable       14 tempura, side salad and rice

Chicken Tempura Bento Box teriyaki chicken,             15

tempura, 3 piece California roll, salad and rice

*Sashimi Bento 5 pieces sashimi, 3 pieces vegetable tempura, 3 pieces California roll, side salad & rice            20  

Yakisoba your choice of chicken, beef, shrimp or            13

mussels with pan fried noodles, vegetables and

teriyaki sauce.

Katsu chicken, pork or fish panko breaded, golden         15

deep fried, served with rice and side salad.


                                          Sushi Rolls                          



California (crab, Cucumber and Avocado)                              7

Mixed Vegetable (raw carrot, spinach, sweet potato, 8 avocado, mango & cucumber)

*Spicy Tuna (tuna, spicy sauce cucumber & scallion)           8 


Tuna Tartar (ahi tuna & arugula salad topped                      14

with seared ahi tuna & house made ponzu, garlic

& mango dressing)

Dungeness Crab Salad (dungeness crab, avocado,             14

beets, cucumber & spring mix salad topped with house made ginger, wasabi & sesame dressing)

Seaweed Salad (variety of seaweed & radicchio salad           9

topped  with cucumber, beets, avocado & house made sesame & ponzu dressing)

Sunomono Salad (cucumbers lightly pickled in a                8

house made ponzu, brown sugar & rice wine dressing)


Signature Sushi Rolls

Bacon Dream (dungeness crab & avocado inside,                15

topped with creamy scallops, bacon & scallion)

Black Widow (crispy soft shell crab, unagi,                           17

cucumber, scallion, cream cheese, avocado & tobiko,

panko breaded & fried)

Dragon (tempura shrimp & cucumber inside, topped          15

with avocado, unagi, tobiko & scallion)

Fantasy Coconut (spicy tuna, dungeness crab                      15

& cucumber inside topped with avocado, panko,

tobiko & coconut)

Lava (dungeness crab, spicy tuna & cucumber                       15

inside, topped with creamy scallops & tobiko)

Rainbow (dungeness crab, avocado & cucumber                  14

inside, topped with salmon, tuna, yellowtail,

avocado & shrimp)

Salmon Crown (dungeness crab, cucumber & avocado 15 inside, topped with salmon, seaweed salad and ikura)

Tiger (dungeness crab & avocado inside,                                 14

 topped with unagi and shrimp)

Vegetable Tempura Crunch (avocado, cucumber,             14

mango, carrot & asparagus, panko breaded & fried)


Bacon & Egg Bibimbap (hot stone pot filled with              17

rice, bacon, spinach, bean sprouts, potato, zucchini,

kimchi & topped with a sunny side up egg & house

made bibimbap sauce)

Sashimi (seven pieces of either ahi tuna,                                19

salmon or yellow tail, served with pan fried rice

& house salad)

Spicy Tori Scallop (seared scallops with sautéed                 18

spinach, zucchini, onion, carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, potatoes & glass noodles served in a house

made spicy sauce)

Chicken/Pork Katsu Ramen(panko breaded                13.50

chicken or pork cutlet in a shoyu based broth with bean

sprouts, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots & fresh scallions)

Crunchy Fish Eiffel Tower (seasonal fish panko                 15

breaded & fried served on a corn johnny cake with

brown butter syrup, pomegranate molasses & chicory)