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April 2014  

Gougeres (cheesy bread puffs) - 2  

Bread and butter - 1  

Salted almonds with rosemary - 3  

Pickled vegetables - 5  

Oysters on the half shell with champagne mignonette * - 3/7, 6/14, 12/27  


Guinness-glazed chicken wings with flax seed - 9  

Warm tyrosalata (Greek dip of feta and roasted peppers) with housemade pita, pickled apples - 7  

House specialty: Crispy pork confit with roasted rhubarb and polenta - 7  

Sweet Leaf Farms’ roasted carrots with honey, thyme and pecorino - 8  

Scotch egg: eight-minute egg wrapped in fennel sausage with Dijon and watercress aioli, deep fried! - 4  

Raw wraps: Beef carpaccio, avocado, cilantro, citrus and truffle sauce - 8  

Cajun shrimp sandwich: Prawn and bay shrimp remoulade on jalepeno cheddar roll with spicy potato salad - 1/6, 2/11  


Venison pate with spiced prunes - 9  

Duck liver and Madeira pate - 8  

Warm Brussels sprout salad with Belgian endive, bacon, buttered cashews and Dijon vinaigrette - 8  

Crispy shredded beet salad with red cabbage, mint, balsamic, capers and crème fraiche - 7  

Crispy cheese frico filled with watercress, pistachios, pequillo peppers and champagne vinaigrette - 9  

Soup of the day - 5  


Parisian green gnocchi with morel mushrooms and asparagus in parmesan brodo - 18  

Grilled chicken thigh with wild onion-parmesan custard and sautéed pea shoots - 17  

Ginger and coriander-braised beef shortribs with wheat berries, petite carrots and kale - 18  

Charmoula-rubbed, fennel-stuffed grilled pork chop with braised Tuscan kale and grilled green onion - 19  

Grilled Chinook salmon over house made linguini with nettle pesto and bacon lardons - 19  

House made Boudin Blanc sausage with suet fries and cole slaw - 16  

Moroccan lamb meatballs with broccoli raab and green garlic skordalia in saffron broth - 18  

Duck confit, gingered cabbage, wood sorrel, kumquats and almonds - 18  

Grilled bavette steak with broccolini, fried oysters and Castelvetrano olive-preserved lemon aioli - 20  


* Consuming raw or undercooked seafood, shellfish, eggs, or meat can increase your risk of food borne illness