Will someone please give Brendan Mahaney a key to the city, already? As founder and executive chef of Belly, Mahaney has become a Eugene institution, serving up a creative but consistent, amazing but affordable blend of American and European rustic farmhouse cuisine with a distinctly Southern soul twist. Belly’s offerings — from the pork confit to the bacon-wrapped, manchego-stuffed dates to the oxtail and shitake empanadas — walk that delectable line between gastronomic adventure and foodie comfort.

For those post-football game celebrations or rarer commiserations, Eugene offers no finer than this eccentrically decorated but endearing downtown restaurant. The menu tilts from Southern (spareribs) to Mexican (sopes) to Mediterranean (lamb cheeks), but high-quality seasonal produce glues it all together.

Cap off your tour [of Eugene] with pork confit nuggets and pillowy gougeres at Belly, chef-owner Brendan Mahaney’s take on European farmhouse fare.

Belly is a gem of a Eugene restaurant, with its pleasant atmosphere, elaborate yet affordable dishes and locally sourced, seasonal menu.

We unabashedly, deeply love Belly. We swoon over potted rabbit, spiced prunes and radishes and take comfort in chicken and dumplings with wild mushrooms.

Belly, a popular new Eugene restaurant run by a lovely young couple doing honest, straightforward food and doing it well. (Among other things, I ate tripe and pig’s foot stew, and a braised lamb shank.)

Teetering at the top of a painter’s ladder, Brendan Mahaney was plastering the dining room ceiling of his new restaurant recently. When someone walked through the front door and asked for the owner, Mahaney’s first impulse was to shout for someone else. “Hey, wait,” he thought to himself. “That’s me.”

If you’re from the South, you’ll love this southern restaurant. If you’re not from the South, you will still love it.

This is the food Eugene should be serving to its mewling masses.