Cattail Creek Lamb

Cattail Creek’s lamb is tender with the best flavor found anywhere, distinctively lamb but sweet and mild with no gaminess. Their lamb is 100% grass fed with no added hormones or antibiotics ever used during their lives. Every lamb sold at Cattail Creek has been personally raised from birth by Vitality Farms shepherd Mac Stewart.

Groundwork Organics

is located just north of Eugene, Oregon along the Willamette River. This is our 13th season growing a wide variety of specialty fruits, vegetables and cut flowers for sale at farmer’s markets and through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Wholesale deliveries to Eugene and Portland also supply some of the areas best restaurants and natural foods stores.

Hama Hama Company

The Hama Hama Farm encompasses both sides of the salt water, allowing us to manage the uplands and tideflats together. Upstream, we work on tree time, stewarding a forest for seven decades before harvesting clear, tight-grained Douglas-fir. We pick mushrooms, raise cattle, and boil fir needles into jelly. Downstream, our schedules are set by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon.

Horton Road Organics

Celebrating 20 plus years, Horton Road is a small intensive market garden situated in the Oregon Coast Range. We are passionate about the care that goes into our work and well known for our luscious salad blends and sweet carrots amongst the full range of vegetables we grow.

Lonesome Whistle Farm

Lonesome Whistle Farm is located in Junction City, Oregon. They have been market farming since 2003 and participate in weekly farmers markets where they have been developing relationships and connections with the local community. They began growing food with a commitment to organic farming practices, the desire to work hard and to eat the healthiest, freshest food around.

Long’s Meat Market

Longs carries a variety of beef products for every discerning taste, including Prime Beef (only 2% of cattle reach this grade) and supply Eugene’s top restaurants with fresh local meat. If you haven’t been to their market you’ve probably experienced a meal containing their products. They are proud of their tradition as one of Oregon’s best meat markets.

My Pharm

My Pharm is a one-woman homestead in Monroe south of Corvallis that provides rabbit, poultry, pork and vegetables directly to restaurants and at Corvallis’ two weekly markets. In addition, owner Julia Sunkler hawks rabbit pelts and turkey feathers, which are used for traditional Native American clothing.


Established in 1995 in Eugene, Oregon, part of their mission has always been to increase awareness of the symbiotic relationship between wild fungi, healthy forest ecosystems, and their mutual sustainability. Since then the mission has broadened to include even more wild species, as well as certified organic cultivated foods.

Newman’s Fish Company

Newman’s is committed to quality, freshness, flavor and sustainability and have created processes to ensure our wholesale and retail customers receive the best quality seafood available. They partner with and support local fishermen and fisheries that are committed to delivering premium quality, fresh seafood and helping maintain healthy species populations and habitats.

Organically Grown Company

Organically Grown is the largest wholesaler of organic produce in the Pacific Northwest with Eugene and Portland, OR and Kent, WA locations. We are a proud supporter of regional organic farmers. They are committed to operating their business in ways that are increasingly sustainable, thus supporting environmental health and the well being of their customers.

Provista Specialty Foods

Provista is the Northwest’s premier specialty foods importer and wholesale distributor. With a passion for authentic foods and flavors, they search near and far from their Portland, Oregon base to find foods with a story to tell. Chefs, caterers, hotels, gourmet shops, and fine grocery stores alike appreciate the unique product mix and knowledgeable service.

Sweet Leaf Farm

Sweet Leaf Organic Farm is located in the Willamette Valley just south of Junction City, Oregon. You can find them at the Lane County Farmers’ Market in Eugene and in Portland at the Hollywood, Milwaukie and Woodstock Farmers’ Markets as well as many high quality restaurants and grocery stores throughout Eugene and Portland.

Turnip the Beet Farm

Turnip the Beet Farm is two farmers and a cattle dog growing organic vegetables along the headwaters of the Siuslaw River, in the foothills of Lorane, Oregon. Their work brings together a reverence for the land with a passion for good food. They are committed to a lifestyle that honors lively land, strong local economy, and delicious food.

Winter Green Farm

Since the early 1980’s, Winter Green Farm has provided a wide variety of crops for wholesale markets. Over the years, they have had fresh wholesale produce available on a relatively large scale for the following crops: beets, broccoli, burdock, carrots, cauliflower, celery, celeriac, chicory, kale, leeks, lettuce, green onions, parsnips, salsify, winter squash, and basil.